• December 31st 2015

    2015 in Review: Thank-yous and shout-outs

    As the year heads to a close I have been busy sending thank-you notes (well, emails). This list is in no particular order and, inevitably, incomplete; if you feel like I have missed you, I am sorry.

    • My testers, too numerous to name but incredibly important; any remaining bugs and typos are entirely my fault.
    • Tory Hoke, Devi Acharya, Kerstin Hall, and the rest of the sub-Q team: You’ve made a dramatic change to how I look at writing IF. This has been an incredible year, and sub-Q is responsible for a lot of that.
    • Carolyn van Eseltine, Aaron Reed, Neil Butters, and Jason McIntosh: That is, the people whose competitions I entered this year. People consistently underestimate how much work organising those events is, and the least I can do is thank the people who inexplicably continue to do it, expecting no reward whatsoever.
    • The good people at &if, including furkle, Brendan Patrick Hennessy, Chandler Groover, Emily Short and others, who’ve made the last couple of months a terrifying delight. There’s a million things we haven’t done; but just you wait.
    • greenie, chromakode, and intortus, the Euphoria crew, for giving me this wonderful space to do terrible things with.
    • Last but not least: Cat Manning. You know what you did (and continue to do).
  • December 30th 2015

    2015 in Review: Things to highlight

    Following on from my previous post, a look some of the IF and IF-adjacent games that came up this year which I thought were important enough to bring up.

  • December 29th 2015

    2015 in Review: My Work

    I was originally going to release this year-end rundown all in one piece, but I realised it's very long and therefore probably best split into three parts. First, the most skippable part: A look back at games and stories I released this year.

  • December 24th 2015

    The World Turned Upside Down

    The World Turned Upside Down is a tiny bit of parser fiction I wrote as a sort of thank you note/Christmas special. It’s very short and straightforward, so I’ll just direct you to the game page where you can play or download it.

    Happy holidays, everyone.

  • December 18th 2015

    Notes on the Euphoria chat

    A brief reminder, since I haven’t posted about this on the blog ever since the comp postmortem: the Euphoria IF chat (&if) is still ongoing and regularly active. It’s an open channel, so anyone can join the conversation on Euphoria.

    Euphoria is a a platform for chat rooms you care about”, developed by some friends of mine; it’s a web-friendly, modern recreation of the IRC chat environment with support for threading and other cool features. As before, it’s a public chat that anyone is welcome to join in on.

  • December 8th 2015

    Impressions: Lime Ergot

    Lime Ergot, by Caleb Wilson, has just been republished by sub-Q Magazine -- Which, full disclosure, also published my work in the past, particularly Lyreless which came out last week. I think of Lime Ergot as a pretty important entry in the canon of parser fiction, and also a very good starting point to introduce players new to parser IF, so I'm taking the occasion to make it all about myself and write a few impressions of it. This post contains mild spoilers.

  • December 1st 2015

    New release: Lyreless

    sub-Q magazine has just published my newest work, Lyreless. It’s a descent into hell set in a fantastical universe where the sun is fixed in the sky and the dead build a dark city below with their broken bodies.

    Read it here.

  • November 18th 2015

    IFComp post-comp discussion this Saturday

    I’m trying something new: this Saturday, I’m organising a live post-IFComp discussion on Euphoria. It’s supposed to take place on Saturday, November 21st, 4PM EST/9PM UTC (Or if you like ISO time, 2015-11-21T21:00:00-00:00). We’ll be talking about the comp’s games, organisation, past and future.

    Euphoria is a new platform for chat rooms that, unlike Slack and other new solutions in that area, are designed for social conversation rather than team collaboration. It’s accessible, fun, and designed so that multiple conversations can happen in the same space without trampling one another, using threading; I’m really exciting about it, and hopefully this is just the start of using the new &if space for the interactive fiction community.

  • November 17th 2015

    Eleven Statements About Cape

    This isn't quite a postmortem; it's more a set of responses and observations about Cape.

  • October 31st 2015

    Ectocomp impressions: Invasion

    Ectocomp has just released its games for judging. It's a competition for horror and Halloween-themed IF -- this year with both "speed IF" and "spirit of speed IF" divisions. First up: Invasion (Cat Manning), a horror Twine about inexorable alien monsters.