• March 15th 2015

    Terminator Chaser: the Postmortem

    This is a postmortem for Terminator Chaser, my ParserComp 2015 entry. As you might expect, it contains severe spoilers for the game.

    This postmortem is based on my own impressions of replaying the game after its release, but it's also based on watching the reaction to the game itself. I want to single out reviews from Sam Kabo Ashwell and Emily Short, as well as the players who submitted feedback through ParserComp's judging form.

    You can play or download the post-comp release of Terminator Chaser, with various improvements, here.

  • February 18th 2015

    Terminator Chaser: The lost emails

    These emails were rescued from the source file; they are the original way the story was told. This has changed dramatically in later revisions of [Terminator Chaser](/if/terminator/index.html), leaving the emails essentially dead in the water. A lot of this material is no longer relevant to the game, and a lot of it is heavily spoilery, but most of it gives some insight into who the cast of characters was at that stage of development, and what they were like.